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How to concentrate on studies

How to concentrate on studies- 

I am assuming that u have already read some articles about how to improve concentration but they didn't help. Even YouTube videos on how to increase concentration are of no use to you.Then my friend you are on right place. Here I will give you a satisfactory answer. So, let’s get started.
concentrate on studies

How to concentrate on studies ?

While studying your mind think about random stuff? u read a line and then you read that line again and again?
these are the signs of lack of concentration. But don’t worry you are not alone.
 so I am going to tell you some basics about how to increase your concentration power

Tips on how to increase concentration in studies—

  1. Set short term time table- we as students suddenly plans to study continuously hours & hours and plan our time table accordingly. But it’s a wrong practice we must accept that we can’t study continuously with full concentration. We must divide our studies in parts with breaks within every 2-3 hours to study with full concentration.
  2. how to increase concentration power with yoga and meditation- there are some yogas you can do to increase concentration like Tree Pose (Vrksasana),Eagle Pose (Garudasana),Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III),Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana),Dancer's Pose (Natarajasana) etc.
  3. Fix a place for your studies- fixing a place for studies will help a lot. Because our mind start accepting that place for studies only.
  4. Stop restricting yourself- we must allot sufficient amount of time to other things apart from studies. 
  5. Keep distractions away- if possible you must switch your phone off. Because you know it very well that you can’t resist that beeping sound.
  6. Drink water regularly- water is very much essential for mind to work, we should drink 1glass of water every hour.
  7. Enough sleep- we must sleep 5-6 hours for our brain to work. We do a lot of mental work so our brain need sufficient amount of sleep to concentrate on studies.
  8. Study everyday- Regular studies are very important to build interest as well as concentration in studies. Regularity is also the base quality of a student.
  9. Stay motivated – motivation is like medicine for students. As regularly you get motivated u start working hard and you study with full concentration. For being regularly motivated you can read students motivation section in this blog.
  10. Write down your study goals - writing your study goals will be very useful if really take them seriously. Setting goals is not much important but accomplishing them is important as well as bit tough. But u must accomplish your written goals.
So here I am concluding that your every doubt on how to increase concentration in studies has been cleared by this blog post. I always try to help as much as I can. If you have any further doubt you can contact or mail me from contact section.
Thanks for your valuable time….hope you will visit next time with more curiosity. 

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