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Memory techniques for studying

Memory techniques for studying

Have you seen the movie Limitless? In which the main character found a pill and that helps him to improve memory and remember everything he ever saw or done in his whole life. But we are normal people, we forget. Here I am going to give you some memory techniques (study methods) which will help you to improve memory. So let’s get started.

Memory techniques for studying

let's understand why we forget things. Our brain is like a hard drive it does get full. According to researchers after an hour we forget half of the things we learned. One-day latter we remember only 30%. So how to remember everything?
To keep information in your memory for a long time, you need to try to put it into your long term memory. 

How to study effectively and remember quickly in 24 hours?

you should use spaced repetition-
1st repetition right after learning.
2nd repetition after 15-20 minutes.
3rd repetition after 6-8 hours.
4th repetition after 24 hours.
Try this method to memorize something and improve your study skills.


2nd repetition AFTER 20-30 MINUTES
3rd repetition AFTER 1 DAY
4th repetition AFTER 2-3 WEEKS
5th repetition AFTER 2-3 MONTHS

Some extra study techniques-

  1. Try to understand what you learn.
  2. Learn the most necessary information.
  3. Also, learn opposite things. 
  4. Try to connect things with other things.
  5. Record the information and hear it a few times.
  6. visualize.
  7. Use mind mapping tools.
  8. Teach what you have learned.
  9. Write something by dictating by own.
  10. Memorize by writing.
Now, you have read the whole article that means you are really serious about your studies.
I hope this article helped you.

 All the best.

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