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Score above 75% in CBSE class 12th in a month

Score above 75% in CBSE class 12th in a month-

Do you want to score above 75% in your board exam? you haven’t prepared well for these exams and now you are wondering what to do next? I’m going to give you some last moment preparation tips for class 12 students to Score above 75 % in CBSE class 12th in a month.
Score above 75% in CBSE class 12th in a month

Score above 75% in CBSE class 12th in a month

If you want to score above 75% in your board exams, you have to follow some simple steps-

  • 1.       First of all, you must know your syllabus. You should probably write chapters’ name on a paper and glue it near you on the wall in front of your study area.
  • 2.       You should study chemistry in the morning, because it requires learning capacity of your brain. Then physics in the afternoon, it requires understanding capacity. And at last maths in the evening and night, do as much practice as you can
  • 3.        Concentrate and study for 10 hrs every day. study in sessions of around 30 mins. It couldn't be any more obvious, on the off chance that you think about for 20 sessions, in between every 30 mins you should take breaks of 5-10 min for your brain to be refreshed. This method of studying in parts will help you very much as your brain will be in working condition all the time. And you will be able to complete your whole syllabus in a month. Isn’t it great?
  • 4.       Please don’t spend your time talking to somebody you have just one month and you don’t want to waste that also. Close yourself in a cabin and study hard. In each 5-10 min break get refreshed, go out and do whatever you like to do This will maintain a strategic distance from sluggishness and will keep you dynamic. Exercise at night if conceivable. Practicing for 15 mins is simply enough.
  • 5.       Now let’s talk about books, For chemistry and physics, pursue NCERTS no more. For maths finish ncert book and afterward simply do R.D Sharma level 2 questions. Do Chemistry ncert back exercises. I realize you can't do that for physics. After reading the physics theory from ncert, do some questions from xam idea. Xam idea just for physics not for others.
  • 6.       Concentrate for 10 hrs daily will be simple in the event that you think about in sessions. This is the manner by which you think about shrewd and not hard. Toward the day's end, give a reward to yourself. It could be a movie or anything else like that.
  • 7.       Don’t lie to yourself. Remember, you can fool others but you can’t do the same for yourself. I know you can. Study honestly. There will be no doubts as these books are very basic.
  • 8.       When you have done your whole preparation just go through the recent previous year papers. They will help you a lot. do observe the paper and questions you are facing problems in. do practice them more.
So these were some tips you can follow to Score above 75 % in CBSE class 12th in a month.
All the best for your exams.

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