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What to do when you can't study

What to do when you can't study?
In every students' life, a situation always comes. when he thinks that he can't study anymore. in this situation, he is spellbound to think that his brain is full he can't take it anymore. so this article is specially dedicated to those students. What to do when you can't study?
What to do when you can't study

Do you think you can't study? Your brain is full? you can't take it anymore?
if yes, then this article is for you.

first of all, you have to understand that your brain is not full. you yourself is refusing any further information to go and be stored inside your brain.
there are many reasons which are compelling you to do so. it could be your lack of interest, it could be tiredness, it could be your bad health, it could be your wrong way of studying or it could be anything.
so your first step should be finding the problem (because without knowing the question we can't find its answer or solution) that why is it happening to you, why you can't study, why can't you focus on your studies? is it your carelessness? or is it the fear from starting?
ask these question to yourself. and answer them honestly. And once you got the question or root of your problem then you can start solving it. while finding the question remember that its need not be a single problem there could be a list of problems. don't be afraid of realizing your problems. you have to face them.

Now come to the second task of solving your problems,
you have got your problems (everybody has their own unique one).
think of the various ways which can be used or various measures which can be taken to overcome your problem. don't be afraid to share them with others. don't be afraid to ask questions.
ask for help, share your problems, let others help you.
Now here comes the main problem, how to start studying?
most of the people are afraid of starting their hard work. it is hard. yes, I accept it is hard, but only because you have not started it yet. firstly you should start it at any cost. then you can decide it is hard or easy. Is it fair to surrender before even trying? not that's definitely wrong so why are you running from studies? you have to realize, every second you are wasting right now will result in leaving a very bad effect on your future. think about it and think about the reason why are you even studying? what do you want to be in the future? what do you want to do in the future? what about your dreams? are they going to complete themselves by themselves? no, you have to complete them.
so why are you wasting time? you must start it right now...

and remember
Its never late to start.

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