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Academic Year In India

Academic Year In India

The academic term is the allotment of the academic year, the time during that the school, university, or college holds the classes. These divisions can be called like terms. The schedule accepted by the institutions of the learning or the education systems differs widely. The semester system separates academic year in two terms, approximately 16 to 18 weeks apiece. A trimester system separates academic year in three terms, approximately 14 to 16 weeks apiece. A quarter or the quadmester system separates academic year in four terms, approximately 12 weeks apiece, and usually counts summer like amongst the terms.

In most of the countries, the academic year starts with autumn and ends in following summer. In the Southern Hemisphere countries, it means that academic year continues from the February/March to November/December; within the Northern Hemisphere countries, as it continues from August/September to the May/June/July instead.

In the elementary as well as high schools, the school year is generally from the June to March, whereas in the Universities it is starting August to April. It is mid–year-break during the summer, generally from May end to start of July within Universities as well as within the elementary as well as high schools, vacations range from starting of April as well as lasts up to May end. There is also 2-weeks winter vacation at end of the year. Nevertheless, in southern states like the Karnataka, there may be two breaks, the one for the Dasehara in the September/October, having 15 days as well as another for the Christmas in December that ranges from around 7 to 15 days. The semester system is implemented in most Universities within India as directed with the UGC (University Grants Commission).

MG University, Kerala University, and the Sri Sankara University have reached into the consensus as well as other universities are likely to initiate credit-based semester system within Kerala. The Delhi University also initiated the system. The credit-based trimester system is selected by the RGUKT (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies), at Andhra Pradesh. The RGUKT is also identified as the APIIIT.

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