Saturday, 9 February 2019

Continuing of Education

Continuing of Education

The continuing of education in the adult age has some advantages in comparison with children. They are better memory, life experience, and fewer distractions.
Firstly, for many years people thought that the brain cells couldn’t grow again. But in fact, the brain cells can renew if the person continues the education. Everybody knows that old people often forget the facts. One of the main reason for it is that old people do not receive new information and do not activate their brain.
Secondly, people always study things from known to unknown. So the more life experience the person has, the more things he knows and can compare.
Thirdly, adult people have fewer distractions and can concentrate on studying instead of dating and going out.
During the education process all people have to pass the exam and in the mature age, people have fewer nerves concerning this process. They understand the value of education, but at the same time, they understand that their future does not depend on the exam results.
What are the reasons why adult people decide to continue their education? There are three main reasons: self-employment, retraining for new job and prevention of brain deterioration. The question of brain development and renew of the brain cells were already described above. The neat reason determinates by the fact that nowadays people prefer to change the profession several times during life. And finally, many people nowadays prefer to establish their own business. To achieve success in the business person has to be educated and possess the essential knowledge and skills.
There are different types of education for adult people. The majority prefers distance education, but traditional education also has advantages. The main benefit of traditional studying is in direct contact with the teachers. But everybody has to find his own variant, which will suit his needs and wishes.

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