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Exam Study and Preparation

Exam Study and Preparation

When studying for an exam, only study the parts you don´t know already. Start studying for your exam early, so that you can ask your teacher or TA if you have any problems. Take advantage of all the things your teacher might provide before the exam.

Exam Study and Preparation

When studying for an exam, remember that not everything that has been covered in class will be tested. Ask the teacher questions that will help you figure out what will be covered on the exam. Don´t study anything that is unlikely to appear on the exam.

When studying, it could be good to write down the questions you think might be relevant for the exam. Put them all on separate index cards or papers. Then, as you read, make notes that answer each question.

Start by reading through the chapters at a fast pace, that way you will become familiar with all the material. If you come across an answer to one of your questions, put a mark next to the text, or note the page number and the paragraph on a separate paper. That way you will easily find the important information later on.

After you´ve done that, read through the chapters again, and if the first paragraph doesn´t have anything to do with your exam, ignore it.

Highlight everything you don´t know while reading, and focus on studying these particular aspects.

Figure out which way to learn the material works best for you. You can use flashcards for definitions of important words, just make sure that you get the definition right. Maybe you learn better by writing everything down as a kind of essay, or by just scribbling down notes as you read.

When studying for a test, time management and your study environment are essential. You have to make sure that you have enough time to learn all the material before your exam. Be aware of your surroundings. Don´t study somewhere where you can be easily distracted.

Look through your material at an early stage before the exam. That way, should you have any questions, you can ask your professor or TA. They are there to help you. If you put off studying until the last few days, and you come across a problem, it will be too late. Take advantage of the study sessions on offer.

If your teacher hands out study sheets, you should, of course, look at it, but do not rely too much on it. The best way to use it is to study for your exam and then looking at it, that way you can make sure that you´ve studied everything that it´s on it. Sometimes you will also get exam questions. It´s important that you answer all the questions. If you get a copy of an old exam, have a look at it, and make sure that you know the correct answers to all the questions.

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