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Immigration India

Immigration India

Immigration Requirements


It is a compulsory requirement for all the Foreigners arriving with long term Student visa (regarding those coming for the study of Vedic Culture, Yoga, the Indian system of Music & dance) for registering themselves inside 14 days of the first arrival at India, regardless of the duration of stay. Besides that, the foreigners are needed to adhere to all the observations made on Indian Visa. The registration facilities are not offered at the airport and are performed in the FRRO office or the District Superintendents of Police. Children under 16 years age have not required any Registration on the student VISA.

Dues for Late Registration

No fee is needed to be paid to the registration, however, punishment in the Indian currency similar to US$ 30/-(Rs.1395/-) is charged for late registration.

Requirements at time of Registration

Every foreigner, during time of Registration, will furnish, such details in the registration report, as can be in the possession for purpose of the satisfaction of Registration Officer and will, on being needed, will sign registration report in presence of said officer and will immediately be entitled to get from said officer, the registration certificate in the Part III of the Form A. A foreigner should also submit the following documents at the time of registration.

• Registration form in the triplicate (means 3 Copies).
• 4 Recent passport-size photographs.
• Bonafide certificate from the College/Institute/University (In original).
• Copy of VISA/passport/arrival immigration stamp.
• Copy of legitimate and notarized Lease/Rent agreement OR the Copy of C-Form of the Hotel OR the copy of the latest electricity/telephone bill with the letter from landlord, as a proof of residence.
• Passport in the original.
• Registration needed within 14 days after arrival in India (the days must be counted from the date of arrival).

Visa Extension

Foreign students can approach the concerned District Superintendents of Police(FROs) or FRROs for the staying extension for one year after completion of the course duration or 5-years, whichever is fewer for the students, pursuing the full-time/regular course in any recognized and reputed institution or university.

Visa can be applied for from any of the Indian Embassies or  High Commission.

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