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Improve Your Note Taking

Improve Your Note Taking

When taking notes, write simple sentences. If you have a difficult time following the lecture, ask if you can bring a tape recorder to record it. Go over your notes again in the evening, when the lecture is still fresh in your mind, to clarify your notes.
Improve Your Note Taking

Improve Your Note Taking

There are a lot of ways and methods that you can practice in order to improve your note-taking skills. Different methods might work better for different types of classes.

To be able to write notes faster, use abbreviations. The most common abbreviations are "w/" for the word "with" and "abr." for the word "abbreviation". It is also a good idea to make up your own abbreviations or symbols for words that you use often.

In order to take notes faster it´s good to skip the filler words; words that you don´t need to understand the context. Listen carefully to what your professor is saying, and use simple sentences when writing the information down.

Your professor will often give hints as to what are the most important parts to learn. By marking these with a highlighter, they will be easier to find when you go through your notes and when you are studying for your exam, you will know what to focus more on.

Make sure that your notes are as clear as possible and read through them the same day again, this way the information given in class is still fresh in your mind and you will be able to edit your notes. If you don´t go through your notes, there is more than a 60% chance that you have forgotten what the lecture was about after only one day.

To keep your notes from different classes apart, start with a new page for each lecture. It is a good idea to write the date of the lecture in the corner of the page. Only use one side of a page to write on, this will give you a better overview when going over your notes.

Don´t write too densely, as you will need a place where you can write questions related to your notes, or add extra notes.

If there is anything you don´t understand in your notes, whether it is expressions or concepts, write them down on a separate sheet of paper and look them up later.

Sometimes a mind map could be a better note taking method. When using a mind map you can connect the pieces that fit together during the lecture with each other. A mind map is a way to take faster notes, and then after class, you can elaborate your notes. When creating a mind map, the use of symbols and images is key.

A complement to note taking is to record the lecture with a tape recorder. This way you will have the lecture to listen to if you didn´t manage to get down all the important information. A podcast of the lecture is also good for students who might have been sick during the lecture.

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