Friday, 22 February 2019

Prepare Yourself for Class

Prepare Yourself for Class

When preparing for class, make sure you buy everything you know you will need. Don't buy any books until after the first class though, because a class might be canceled or the list of literature can change. Arrive early for class since it might be difficult to hear if you sit too far back in a large classroom.

By preparing before class, you will make a good impression on your teacher, as well as feeling more at ease. There are many different ways you can prepare for class.

The first thing that will help you to prepare for class is to buy the books you will need for the class. Don´t do this before the first lecture though, as classes can be canceled or the list of literature can be changed.

You should bring enough materials for it to be sufficient for pop quizzes or essays that your teacher hasn´t announced. Also be sure that you have finished all the reading at least the day before it´s due. Check your syllabus and manage your time.

Make sure that before classes start, you should have bought everything you might need. This includes pens and pencils in different colors, rulers, different types of papers and post-its. It could also be helpful to have one folder or binder for each class to keep your papers apart.

Before class prepare any questions you might have so that you can ask your teacher about them. An alternative is to form a study group where you can prepare for class together.

It is important to also prepare yourself mentally. This will help you stay focused and make sure that you´re able to actively participate in the discussions that are bound to take place. While in class it is very important to pay attention, and therefore you should come to class well rested. Another way to prepare mentally is to tell yourself why you´re taking the class. If you do well, the chances are greater than your teacher will remember you after you graduate. Contacts like that will be valuable for when you´re looking for a job after graduation.

It is good to arrive early and to sit somewhere in the front as it can be difficult to hear what´s being said in large classrooms. Sitting in the front is also a good way to let your professor know that you´re paying attention.

Try, as much as possible, to sign up for classes that suit you as a person. If you´re a night owl, it might be a good idea to not sign up for classes that start early in the morning.

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