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Substance of the Continuing Education Schools

The substance of the Continuing Education Schools

   Continuing education programs is a very good type of studying for those people who want to proceed with education and the best variant for those candidates, who are much older than the majority of the students. On the whole, Continuing education is the best choice for adult people, who were studying in universities or colleges in the past and have a desire to continue education as part-time students.
             The students which are studying on the continuing program are usually concentrated on the personal improvement of the knowledge and skills and enrolled in non-credit-granting courses in small local universities or community colleges. Nowadays there are two main types of continuing education studies – the classroom studying (in the traditional universities) and distance learning (mainly online).
            In the majority of the spheres there appeared the list of requirements on the practitioners of particular professions. These requirements were established to motivate the specialist of the different fields to develop and to improve the level of professional knowledge. The peculiarity of the Continuing Education is that it is often supported and provided by the associations of the professionals of different spheres. These educational courses are often offered during the specialized conferences, seminars, which are held by the professional associations (for example The Association of Journalists).
            The traditional continuing education can be held in the classrooms with the ordinary lectures and seminars, but with the advent of online distant education, these programs became more convenient, flexible, effective and accessible. These online universities provide feedback between the students and teachers; the communications and contact between the students with the help of online conferences, lessons, and seminars. All these methods simplify studying and make it more effective. The continuing education can also combine the different types of studying: the traditional, online, satellite, conference etc.

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