Sunday, 31 March 2019

Globalization has made it easier for The Nations In Education

Globalization has made it easier for local events are influenced by events occurring within walking distance or a lot and vice versa. He has crossed all borders in all areas.
Globalization has brought the technological advances that have contributed information; wide production of knowledge; complex transmutations of customs; etc. Globalization itself is neither positive or negative depends on the interests of those who run companies. Or the inequality gap is shortened or gets worse

Globalization has also touched the education originĂ¡ndole the following challenges: integrity and comprehensive form individuals who can respond to the needs of our nations; have educational guidelines that advocate for environmental protection, respect, tolerance, solidarity, multiculturalism, diversity, freedom, democracy, etc .; help eradicate the aftermath of all kinds of ethnic, racial, religious discrimination, etc .; and prepare new generations to live in multiethnic, multicultural, tolerant societies before the various political positions, aesthetic, religious, moral.
Globalization entails several risks to the nations that consider education as a commodity, as a business; make peoples, consumer societies; foster the mindset that all objects are even subjects; cause a crisis of values.
Globalization requires all nations to act with wisdom, with creativity, with dignity, altruism, generously, sacrificially thinking ahead consciousness where you want to leave a better generation of today and future world will be all levels, of wanting to provide a better world for humanity

Globalization has exposed the gaps that exist in most countries, especially in one of the fundamental aspects of education
Education has been very poor and of poor quality, so it is really quality and forms for competitiveness in the global world should involve the whole society.
Education should help the man, from everything that constitutes his life, to become subject to become a person, to the training of citizens; transform the human species in true humanity where we are all responsible for each other
It seems a utopia for developing countries, a reality so distant power compete with First World countries to meet their advanced by globalization and competitive education.

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