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Student Visa in India

Student Visa in India

The student visas in India are issued either for the duration of course of study or for maximum 5-years of a time period. A student visa in India is usually valid for single/multiple entries in India, however, it is possible of getting a permit for the further entries if needed.

Eligibility for Student Visa in India

The main necessity for the student visa is, the applicant is given a place in the bona fide course study from any recognized educational institution of India. As part of the application, the course details and place of study have to be incorporated. If the admission letter from an educational institute is not accessible, the conditional student visa is issued. Though admission has to be confirmed within 3-months time period, otherwise, the candidate will not be allowed to stay in India. The immigration law of India does not permit this type of provisional visa to be extended.

Applications should also include other supporting documents like current & valid passport from the country of residence, having minimum 6-months validity with a minimum of two blank pages. If the applicant is attending some medical course, an approval or NOC (No Objection Certificate) has to be obtained from the Indian Ministry of Health. For the applicants pursuing courses in engineering/technical institutions within India, similar authorization from the Department of Education is required.

Spouse & Dependent Immigration

Indian student visas can be granted for equal to five years and such can result in the long time period of residence in India. Keeping this in mind, spouse and/or the dependents of the study visa applicant can apply for joining them in India with the same duration, which is given to the main applicant.

Additional Student Visa in India Information 

Student visa in India may not be obtained through those already in the country on the tourist visa/another visa type.
As it is the case with all the Indian Student  visas for short/long term temporary visits, all the student visas issued to 180 days period or more, needs the applicant to register within local FRRO inside 14 days after arrival.

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